Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stick a fork in it and call it done!

I am done with hay!!!!! I did 16 more bales this morning before I left for town because it was starting to sprinkle and the tarp wasn't covering them all. Then when I got home I did the last 12 bales. I am officially DONE with hay til next year!!!

Did I mention that I do not like hay? At all. There is nothing fun about hay to me. I read other people's blogs and they say they have such a wonderful time getting in hay. It makes me sick! They obviously have lots of help and it makes it much easier and funner with lots of help.

But it's mostly just me and the hay. And it ain't fun at all. It's hard work, folks. It hurts too. It's like the little tiny hay particles stick in my arms and legs like needles. I bleed. A lot of blood. My arms look like that time I went to the allergy clinic and they stuck me with all those itty bitty needles to see what I was allergic to. One of which was hay. A few others were animals, like goats and dogs and cats and cows. Stuff that I live with.

There have been some fun memories getting hay when the whole family came to help. These are my grand daughters, Coryn, Chloe and Kansas. They were dressed to play in the creek, not get hay, as you can see.

Even my mom came once. She was the supervisor. She worked us hard that day! We had a beautiful field to get hay from up the road. Had a creek we had to cross over. Look at that view of Lookout Mt. Just amazing!

                              The kids and hubby and our daughter Heather playing in the creek.

                              This is our daughter Heather, my mom and youngest daughter Abby.

                                 And the grands chasing the truck full of hay. We almost forgot them.
So it is fun when there is help and lots of family around. But it's hard to get them all together anymore. But I am really thankful that I am able to do this work. And that I live on a farm. And that I have great sheep and wonderful goats and lots of happy chickens. And some pretty happy dogs and cats too. SO I guess hay really isn't that bad after all.


Abby said...

I like the "kids" pic. 2008 seems so long ago.

Kris said...

I know, I love that picture. Great memories.