Monday, August 27, 2012

84 bales of hay, firewood and an old truck.

Last night my friend Garry B. called. Said the hay was laying in the field and to come get it. This is a few minutes after my husband left. He's a truck driver. He seems to have to leave at important times like this. I had just told him Garry would probably be calling this week. So hubby put more gas in the truck for me. He's a good hubby. He parks the truck where he parks his big truck, which is just about a mile from where the hay field is. 

Last time I got hay from Garry, he had hay helper guys. I didn't even have to get out of the truck. They had me loaded in about 10 minutes. This morning, there were no hay helper guys. Just me and Garry. He was already loading his trailer but hopped up in my truck to  stack. So I drove and threw hay. 42 bales. 

I took that home and unloaded that truckload. Went back for another load and Garry was not there. He had gotten his trailer full and was unloading at his barn. So I started loading hay. By myself. I got 26 bales loaded when they hay helper guys came to my rescue. Well, they loaded 17 bales. Really nice hay helper guys.

This is most of the hay all over the ground. Some on one side of the fence, some on the other side.

This is how I get the hay to the barn, in the garden wagon. ABout the handiest thing to have around. I can get 3 bales standing straight up. But then I realized I could get 4 bales another way. That made it quicker to haul.

On the right is hay from the spring. About 90 bales I think. I have them stacked in piles of 10. I think I might have between 175-185 bales right now.

This is what's still left outside. I'll have to get it tomorrow. I am tired and sore and my legs and arms hurt! I had a long day.

About half way home with the 2nd load, my friend Nancy called. She was having a tree cut down and wanted to know if I wanted the wood. Well, yeah, I do. So hurried up and got that load unloaded and got more water and headed to her house about a mile away. The tree cutter guys loaded my truck up with some really nice and really BIG White Ash wood. They wouldn't come with me to unload the wood, so had to do all that myself as well.. I did wait til evening to do that. But it was fairly easy as the big huge round ones just rolled off the truck.

But right after the truck got loaded and everyone left, I got in the truck to go home. The truck wouldn't start. It did nothing at all. So I called the husband. He said that's what he was trying to tell me about the other day, that he had to jiggle the gear thingy and turn the key and do that for awhile and it would start. So I did that for awhile and still nothing. He told me to get out and open the hood and jiggle the battery cables. I tried to get that darn hood open but couldn't. I told him good bye, that I was going to call someone to come start this darn truck. I wanted to go home.

SO called my friend Allan from up the road.  He came and got the hood up. I jiggled the battery cables. He got in the truck and started it right up. Yes he did. Do you know how many times this has happened to me? I do all the work, a guy gets in and it starts right up. Or I will pull and pull and pull on a lawn mower or tiller and a guy comes over and looks at it and it starts right up. Makes me mad! Everything mechanical just likes a guy.

So I have had a long day. I took the truck back and on the way home I stopped at Dollar General to get some ice cream. Because I think I deserved some. And it was on sale, 2 for $7.00! Edy's ice cream. My favorite! Mint Chocolate Chip, just the thing after a hard days work. And a good shower to get all that hay off of me and out of places hay shouldn't be.
                               Must be nice to be a cat, right? She looks so comfortable and cool.

But it feels good to have all the hay I'll need for the winter and a good start for firewood out there. Really good day, I must say.


SweetLand Farm said...

Wow! A busy day for you indeed. And yes I would think some ice cream would taste really good after all that work, and a good nights sleep!

Kris said...

Yes it was a busy day. Forgot to say I also got the metal roof on the lean to screwed down too. Almost fell off the ladder. But I am done now with hay!

Evelyn Polanco said...

Sorry about that. There are a lot of reasons why a truck or a car won't start, Kris. It would be better if you checked if the driver's seat belt is fastened because some truck & cars won't start with seat belt unlatched. Also, keep in mind that you've properly inserted key. Turn it to the "On" position and give the steering wheel a quarter turn in both directions.

Evelyn Polanco