Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Chickens

I have some very happy chickens tonight  I finally got all the big holes in the fences around the chicken yard all plugged up yesterday and clipped all wing feathers last night. So about 5 this afternoon, I opened the coop door and let them out. It took some a little longer to figure out how to get out. But they did. And they were a bunch of happy birds.

They ran around chasing bugs and eating grass like they haven't had any in years. 5 of the newer chickens had never been outside before. And the rest it had been a long time. It was like they didn't know where to go first.

 Here is Mr. Rooney and some of his girls. He'd go find some tasty little morsel and call them all over. He's such a good rooster.

 This is Russell Crowe to the left with some of his girls. He's still young and not into sharing just yet. But he will.

And these little guys are just a few of the Freedom Ranger chicks. At 4 weeks old, they are quite big. They have been outside a week now in a fenced in area. Today I put up netting along the wooden fence where they can't go through into the back goat lot. I let them out this morning and they didn't know how to act. A few went out, then they'd run back in. They finally figured it out and had a good day eating bugs and grass too. When it got close to dark, they were ready for their dinner and all followed me back to their pen and ate. They are growing fast.

So today was a good day for the chickens here at Outback Farm.

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