Thursday, August 16, 2012

And They're Out!

These chicks have grown so fast. They went through 1 50lb bag of chick starter in 2 weeks. I bought another bag last week. I had to get another today. So they had to go outside and eat for free! They have more than doubled in size and it was so hot in their brooder boxes.

They are 3 weeks old now.

So I added more fence to the little area I had for the other meat birds. They will have plenty of room in here til they get a little bit bigger, then they can go out into the whole yard.  But so far I am well pleased with their progress

This is one of the wooden boxes we used for their brooder. It's big and very heavy. As I was pulling it down the staird I fell right smack on my rear. That hurt. But I got it in there and they can get in it if it rains. I'll try to get the other box out there too.

                                            They are such good chicks. I really am liking them.

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