Saturday, August 11, 2012

14 Quarts

 I did not plan on canning any beans this year. But these didn't sell at market Wed. so I just dove in and did it. I sat outside under the big ole maple tree in the corner. It was so nice and cool, almost cold. The cicadas were making their noisy noise in the trees. And my friend with his tractor mowing in the sheep pasture, making tractor noises. I love living way out here. Also a chainsaw down the road cutting a fallen tree for firewood for winter.

                  Stella eating her first green bean. She wasn't too impressed with them like Bubba is.

                                                           Bubba loves his green beans!

 In the kitchen getting ready. I almost didn't find my canner. But I did. And a watched pot never boils! It took forever. So there are 7 quarts in the sink waiting to go in the canner and still had half a bowl left. So I did 7 more. Plus cooked a big pot too.

                                All done and on the counter. Just pinging away! I love that sound.

This is where I sat this morning. I want to make a wooden deck in that corner under the tree. I am tired of mowing and having to move the furniture every time. I love it out there.
                                                             Anyone else canning?

Now I am off to mow the yard. I am taking my grand kids to Dolly Wood Monday and Tuesday and need to get that done.


SweetLand Farm said...

I'm canning some. Not as much as I usually do. Due to the fact that we had such a wet spring, and everything drowned, and replanting. Now it's dry. But I'm thankful for what I have been getting, and the ability to get more locally! I love green beans btw!

Triple K Farm said...

I froze a doz. bags of green beans & broccoli too! My dog Carter picks his own beans when I go to the garden.