Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colors From The Garden

Just look at all these amazing colors. I love going to the garden and looking at all the different brilliant colors that only God could create. Just so beautiful.

                 These are Adirondack Blue, red, blush, gold and white potatoes. They are so good.

                                            And all the peppers, red, green, yellow and orange.

I just cut up all these hot peppers and boiled some vinegar and canned them for my hubby and mom and son-in-law, who all love hot stuff. Not me. My fingers were burning! They sure are pretty though. And the bell peppers will go in the freezer for using later in all sorts of good things.

 They last of my tomatoes. I will be pulling up all the vines and plants in the next few days. Making room for all the fall plantings. But not the beans. they are finally coming to life again and producing like crazy! I have a half bushel in the fridge outside waiting for market Saturday. I will add more to that basket Friday evening.

I know most of you all have gardens, but I just had to share all the pretty colors of mine. You just can't get this in a can of paint, right?


SweetLand Farm said...

I'm jelouse of all your tomatoes. I don't know if I'll get any. My chickens keep eating them, despite the hot fence around them. So mad about that.
Looks like your enjoying the harvest!

Kris said...

My chickens are in chicken jail! That's why I have tomatoes. I am going to be pulling them all up next week to make room for fall plantings.