Monday, August 20, 2012

Sheep Shelters

               Working for sheep sure is hard! But they need some shelters so it has to be done.

My friend Kenneth came today to help me put up the sheep shelter for the ewes in the South pasture. It's added to my new garden shed. It's 8x12 so they should have enough room to get under in a down pour. Later I will add sides to it. But right now I just wanted to get the metal roof on it.

 Kenneth is very easy to work with. He's a lot like me and works til it's done. No need to take breaks. Just get 'er done! I like that. We work well together. All we need to do now is screw the roof on. We were right in the sun the last part of the day. This took 5 1/2 hours! He'll be back tomorrow to finish the roof. But it looks good so far. I am so thankful for good friends. And he's saving me $15.00 an hour!

I did this one all by myself last week. I had some pallets that I got for free from the pallet shop in town. And I had a sheet of the outdoor siding we had used for a pig shelter a few years back. And I grabbed several boards that I nailed across the top. And my friend at the hardware store gave me some tarps he was going to throw away for the roof. And when it starts getting cold, I can put plastic around the outside and another pallet in the front. So all free and used material for a pretty good and sturdy shelter for the 3 ram boys. I put them up front in that pasture for now til I can figure out the breeding arrangements in a few weeks. I'll be playing musical sheep and goats. Sounds like fun, right?


Kim said...

Nice shelters! I may borrow your pallet plan for our piglets that arrive in a week!

White Sheep Farm said...

Hey Kris,
It looks good, and a really good idea to build onto the garden shed ... cheaper lumber cost!
I found a place where I can get some pallets for a temp shelter, hubby is not quit on the same page yet, but he will get there when he finds out that other than the cost of screws, we have everything to build this!!!

Triple K Farm said...

We love pallets! We use them all the time. I know what you mean by musical sheep. We've been talking about winter arrangements foe everyone.

Kris said...

Hey Kim. As handy as y'all are, you could whip one of these up in no time! I used something like this for 4 pigs we had years ago. It worked for them. Can't wait to see new calf pictures real soon!

Kris said...

Teri, this was so easy and with 2 people even easier. I am thinking I could make 4 separate shelters by adding to the back and sides of this one. Then putting fence up for 4 different pens for the sheep. That might work out for breeding time. Hmmm.... wheels are turning again!

Kris said...

Pallets are the best thing ever. You can do so much with them. So do you have a lot of pasture for your sheep? How do you handle all your breeding? I was going to just butcher all 3 of my rams and sell some to buy one ram for all of the ewes so I wouldn't have to separate them all, because I would be using son's of my ewes. Still am thinking about this. Do I want to breed for wool and meat or just meat? So much to think about.