Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Shed

I bought a garden shed today. I  have been wanting one for so long. There is a place on Hwy 27 between Rock Spring and Lafayette that has all kinds and sizes of wooden buildings. But I only had enough cash for an 8x10. It has like a barn door and a window in the front! I'll put a little window flower box there. And I called a friend up the road who is a carpenter. I want a lean to on one side for the garden stuff like tiller and mower. And on the other side a shelter for the sheep. Seems like I have already written all this before. Sorry if I have but I am just so excited to be finally getting my garden shed. A place to put my farmer's market stuff like baskets and things. Also seeds. And rakes and shovels and all that garden type stuff that gets lost or stuck in strange places. Or left out and breaks and we have to keep replacing it.

I'll get the guys to make me a work bench on one side and shelves as many places as they can. And lots of hooks for hanging things. I would love to have a little porch too. But that can wait.

 I have an old metal sink cabinet with the cast iron sink that was in the kitchen when we bought this place. It's out back. I want it out there with a faucet to be able to clean veggies out there so I won't have to drag everything to the house. And some water faucets for watering too. Oh, there is so much I need. But as long as I have my little garden shed, I can add things later.

I'll take pictures when it gets here. I can hardly wait now. Oh, and it's made right over in Tn. by Mennonites. So I am supporting local business and keeping my money here in this area. And this little shed is sturdy and will last a long time.