Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Here!

So here is my brand new garden shed! It's 8x12. And very solid. Made in Tennessee too. By Mennonites. They even designed the trailer and the little tiny thing that moved that big shed to the garden. Very smart folks. And it only took about a half hour from start to finish.

You can see the guy getting the little loader off the truck here. It's so little. But it moved that shed right where I wanted it to go.

 And they just leveled it up and that was it.
 I just love it! And it has a lock on the door too. I'll lose the keys probably. And it does need a door stop so it won't mess up the cute little window. It already has a little dent. If the door flew open it will tear up the screen.
 I need shelves and tables now. Then just load it up with all my garden stuff. I went to a friend's today and she has old dressers for storing stuff and I thought that would make a great seed storage. So I will have to look for an old dresser now.
To the left I will have a shelter for the sheep that will go into the pasture. And on this end will be a lean to for mowers and tillers and such. I'll have to move my little lettuce patch and hostas now because I would love to have a little porch one day soon.

So there it is all nestled up under the cedar tree. I am off to market now!


Kim said...

Sweet!!! What a great shed! I could see a little porch on it too. :)

...Lady In Red, Peggy said... said that you wanted a green Shed...paint is cheap girl...make it the color YOU want it to be!!!

Enjoy fixing it up just the way you want it. We will enjoy the
Journey with you.


Linda said...

Looks Good!!!

Kris said...

I am going to look for a curtain today for the little window. There is so much to do! And not enough time to do it all. But it will get done. My friend is going to do the sheep shelter first this week when I get back for out of town. I can hardly wait to see that done. Then I'll be able to keep the sheep over there til I have to move them again.