Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden shed "lean to".

Yesterday afternoon, our daughter and our very favorite best son-in-law came over to help finish up the garden shed. SIL brought his handy dandy air nail gun. He did most all the work, and we let him. He's good like that. And we are too. So we got it done in half the time that me and Kenneth did the other side.

 We hung shelves inside and I had one of those kitchen shelves that I had upstairs then outside. Now it's inside the shed to hold all kinds of things. Also, mom gave me a bathroom cabinet to use inside too. We put a shelf outside to hold gas cans. Also hung my handy dandy seeder up out there.

This is the old sink that was in the kitchen when we bought this house. It's been in the back yard all these years, getting rusty. We brought it up front and I cleaned up the sink part. It looks good. I will have to get a wire brush and get as much rust as I can off then spray paint it. I have to decide what color now. Hubby says I should paint it back white. But I like color. I'll have to think on this awhile. But I am SO happy it's done. Well, I have to screw the roof down, then it's done.

I am loving my garden shed. I am SO glad I finally have one. It will sure make gardening a whole lot easier with everything IN the garden now and now way up at the house in the garage or milk room. And I am so thankful for family and friends to help and save me tons of money!! Thank you Abby, Jason, my husband, Tiny, and our good friend Kenneth. If not for these people, I would be broke and it would not be finished! So thank you all again!

Forgot to say that the sink will be used to wash all the garden veggies for market. I'll hang nails on the posts for bags and I'll have everything I'll need right there in the garden now!


SweetLand Farm said...

Oh I like it! Will be nice to wash veggies outside and not in side, less mess and dirt! Could maybe even do chcikens there...?

Kris said...

Good idea! I hadn't thought about the chickens. That might be a good place to do that job. Thanks!

I am off to get that roof screwed down. Looks like we might have some wind from the storms down south soon.