Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Away

These are pictures from my mini vacation. I don't get to go away very often so when I find someone to take care of all my animals, I'm outta here! And fast!

So I headed up towards the Smokey Mts. This is the beginning of the Ocoee River where a lot of white water rafting and canooing goes on. And there was some Olympics here back in the '90's. Beautiful river.

Here are some rafters trying to get into this little place. They were all lined up waiting their turn. it must of been fun.


 I was supposed to get to Murphy, NC and get to Cherokee from there, but made a wrong turn right about here.

And ended up going down all these little country 2 lane roads. It went for miles and miles. I saw names like this, Hanging Dog Community. Kinda didn't want to stop there. So kept going. This is what happens when ya don't have a map or GPS. I didn't have either. Quite fun actually.

I saw some beautiful scenery the whole way.

Then there was a fork in the road. This old country store and an outhouse were on one side. That's when I called my husband, the truck driver with a map. He said I was lost. Ya reckon?

So I went ahead and turned left and saw some tree worker guys. I stopped and asked where the heck was I anyway? He said everyone who had stopped was lost that day. He asked where I was going and I said Cherokee. He said I had gone about 2 hours out of my way and wasted all that time. But if I keep going I'll end up in Murphy. Where I had just been.

But as I was leaving I thought, no, I did not just waste a few hours. I had 2 whole days and i didn't really have any plans. I would not have seen all this beautiful country if I hadn't gotten lost.
I got to this beautiful lake and then the Hiwassee Dam. That was amazing! And then I realized how many miles I had come around this huge lake. It's over 6ooo acres. That's a lot of water.

And then when I got back headed in the right direction, I came across this river, the Nantahala. I had to stop and put my feet in the water. It was freezing! But oh so nice and peaceful.

So here I go again, headed to Cherokee, NC. On the way I thought it would be so nice to find a cabin on a creek or river with a porch over the creek with a rocking chair. So I stopped at the visitor senter and told the lady there and she gave me the numbers of a few places. Panther Creek Lodge and Cabins sounded so neat and it was heading toward Maggie Valley, where I would be going the next day. SO I went to see them.
 And this is what I found. THE most perfect little cabin a few feet from the most beautiful little creek ever! AND with a porch right over the creek! AND with 2 rocking chairs! It was amazing. And I called and the lady gave me the code for the key to the front door and I went in and I was so happy I found this place.

 Here is the creek. It was so loud and full of water.

                                   Isn't that perfect?

 And this is a place where years ago when we would take the kids up to Cherokee to camp, we would eat here. It's still here! So the next morning I ate pancakes there. So cool.

And I went to the Biltmore Estate On Tuesday. I so wish I had had more time. That place is so beautiful and so big. I had lunch there and it was so good. I had a great time there. Went to the winery too. They also have a farm I wish I could have went to. But had to get home.

This is the sunset on the way home. It was awesome! I have never seen a more beautiful sunset ever. It just kept on getting more beautiful too.

It was so nice to get away and I needed it so much. But there's no place like home.

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Abby said...

I'm so proud of you... you uploaded a video! Glad you had a good time