Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milking Adabelle

I milked Adabelle tonight. I had milked her a little right after she had her kids. She had never been milked before. She just stood still then. Tonight she did not! She's a kicker! But I held onto the milk pail and she never got her foot in it! I had to milk with one hand but got it done. I think she'll make a great milk goat. She has a great compact udder with nice teats. I got about 2 1/2 cups. I can't wait to try again in the morning. If she works out, I may see if I can just buy her back. They are never going to milk her. They really need brush goats anyway. Or sheep.

Now I am off to cut wing feathers off all my chickens so I can let them out of their coop for awhile in the evenings. I worked on putting netting and chicken wire on all the fence with hole big enough for them to get through. There have been 4 hens getting out the past few days. They go back in the coop at night though. And I saw one already over in the other garden. So off with their wings! Well, feathers anyway.


Triple K Farm said...

Why do the loose chickens always go where you don't want them?

Kris said...

I know. They think I till up all the garden just for them. Or put mulch around plants just for them to scratch up. I can see where that one hen scratched away the mulch around some azaleas already. Darn birds!

I clipped all the wing feathers last night. And got all the big holes plugged. So I will let them out about an hour before dark and see what happens.