Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Weekend

Friday my brother got here from Colorado Springs. He's riding his Harley to New York and stopping all over to see family. He stayed with me Friday night then with our parents Sat. night. Left for S. Ga. to see our Aunt and Uncle in Metter and a cousin there too. Then off to New York to see a NasCar  race and meet some friends. Then he's taking off back to Col. Springs. I think he'll be getting a bit wet on the way to NY because the whole way up there is raining on the weather maps. But he's got good rain gear. Have fun, Mark!

                This is my brother's Harley. He's got everything he needs in there. Even a little stove.

This is my husband's bike. He took Mark up to Desoto Falls near here in Alabama. It's a beautiful place. They had to get some riding in before going to our parent's to EAT! Mom had all kinds of good food. She always feeds us good. Thanks Mom!

Then Sunday was the Sherrill family reunion at Cumberland State Park in Crossville, Tn. Lots of the family lives in Indiana and come down for this. It's a 2 day reunion. And ends up at this park. This was my 34th since joining this big family. These are my in laws. My husband's brothers and sisters. He's the youngest of 9 and the biggest! He's the guy in the red shirt. I would say the guy with the white head but they are all white headed and have been forever now. He has 2 other brothers but they died several years ago.

                           Patricia, Liz, Yvonne, Marylou, Clarence, Charlie and Jim. The Sherrill clan. 

Mt husband rode his Harley and our daughter and husband rode their Honda. I had our 2 granddaughters so drove the car behind them to the reunion. It was nice all the way there. My SIL found some really back roads. Windy almost one lane mountain roads I had never been on. Then at the end of the reunion as everyone was leaving, it started raining.And it rained the whole way back home. Poor hubby was soaked. He does not have any rain gear. Chloe is in the front seat wrapped in towels. It was a bit cool. Coryn is in the back seat asleep. Good day for a nap!

We had a fun weekend. And now it's just me again. Hubby had to leave last night for Ohio. So I will be working in the gardens and mowing this week. I am going today to get a garden shed!! I have wanted one for so long. Now I can get one. Also want some water faucets IN the gardens and sheep and chicken yards. I am so tired of dragging water hoses. I do stay in shape though from all the walking I have to do around here. But those are 2 things I have needed for a long time. We will add a lean to on the garden side for tiller and mower and a sheep shelter on the other side for the far pasture. There is no shelter over there. Well, there is a barn way over on the other side of the pasture. But do you think a sheep would go way over there away from their shepherd? No.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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