Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter's hanging on here.

It's cold out there! This is from this morning. There's no snow on the ground here, but on the car and the house, you can see it. We had snow flurries all day yesterday too.

Husband is home this week on vacation. He made a fire in the fireplace last night. So it's nice and toasty in the house now. And we actually kept it going all night. It sure uses a LOT of wood though.  When we were using the wood heater, one of those yellow wagons full would last 3 days. With an open fireplace, we've already used almost 3 wagon loads since last night. Not very economical, or as warm, but still nice. And I love to see smoke coming out of the chimney. It's so messy though.

So no spring here. Not for another few weeks. All that work and hurry I did to get the garden started, I think was for nothing. Because it's been in the 20's and 30's at night and only in the 40's during the day since. If anything does come up, it'll be a miracle. I have really never planted anything this early anyway. I guess I was just worried about getting things ready for the markets in April. And got a fever blister too. My 2nd ever in my whole life. Not fun.

I know it'll be hot and dry one day soon. But right now, it's still winter. And March. It was 20 years ago this month that we had a huge blizzard here. We lived in Flintstone then and only had dogs and cats. And only one freezer. The power was out for a few weeks. It was really nice though. Because neighbors were so nice and we got to know a lot of them. Everyone's been talking about another blizzard. Who knows?

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