Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fiona's little lambs

 Fiona had her lambs this morning. I had just gotten up and let the dogs out, then ran out to check on her to see if she had any lambs yet. There was a little tiny wet red lamb out in the middle of the other sheep and being pushed around by them and attacked by the rooster. So I grabbed the lamb and took her back to her mamma  Well, Fiona had another lamb that she was talking to and licking. She didn't want the red lamb. She kept butting it and trying to kill it. Poor baby. So I grabbed them both and started rubbing them together and then rubbed each lamb with the other's scent. Then stuck my hand to Fiona's nose. She finally did let the lamb nurse some. Then she'd act like she was going to butt her, but didn't. They are both ewe lambs!!!

So I decided to got to Walmart and get 2 identical sweaters for the lambs. I needed a few other things too. Well, I cannot believe that all they had was spring and summer sun dresses. For dogs. Really? People actually put dresses on their poor little dogs? All I wanted was 2 little sweaters for the little lambs. so Fiona would get confused and think they were alike then. I didn't get sundresses for the lambs.

Went over to the pet store and they had a rack of dog clothes right in front. And 25% off! I found these 2 cute shirt type things. Not really sweaters. More like tank tops. Good grief. Anyway, aren't they just the cutest little cowgirls now?  I rubbed each lamb with the opposite shirt and put them on. So far so good. And the little red lamb walks over to me now. She's adorable! And the white lamb is a little snobbish. Like a mamma's girl already.

So here are #11 and #12. So far, of the 4 ewes that lambed, there have been 3 twins and 1 single. 3 ram lambs and 4 ewe lambs. Not too bad.


Shine said...

Oh my goodness!!!...SOOO adorable! What a good lamb mommy you are:)Lots to learn, but I'm sure worth every minute!! Blessings~~Shine

Linda said...

Oh I agree with Shine! That is great!

Kristin said...

They are absolutely the cutest little cowgirls. Good thinking rubbing the scent of the one mama likes on the poor rejected redhead.

Kris said...

I don't know if it's working as good as I thought it would. Fiona and her white lamb still basically snub the red lamb. She is only able to nurse from the back, then gets pooped on. Already had to wash her sweater. I put that one on the white lamb and the white lambs on the red lamb. But still, walks behind them. I took a bottle of goat milk out to her but she only took a few pulls from it. I'll try again later. I need to give her some Nitridrench. They are both so cute though.