Sunday, March 31, 2013

These pigs

So I have had these pigs 2 weeks now. It's been pretty good so far. I haven't fallen down in their pen. They haven't bitten me. Or chased me. Or gotten out yet. And I do believe Joe, the white one, is almost as big as Bob now. But I am wondering if he can see. He's got really small eyes. That I can barely see. Smaller that Bob's eyes, and his are small too. They just look weird. I don't think I've noticed pig eyes before, but I think they should be bigger. It doesn't seem to be affecting his ability to get around. Or eat. Because he's all over and eats like a pig. I don't know. Maybe they are supposed to be small like that.

I'm giving them lots of the fermented grains. Plus lots of scraps, goat milk and the bread from the bakery in Chatt. And their yard is a mud pit now. I need to add the other panel soon. I can't imagine feeding these guys for 5 more months. Ugh. But if it keeps going like this, I might be ok. But, they are still small at the moment.

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