Monday, March 25, 2013


And not the kind my husband loves to eat.

I noticed on my last post that there were 3 really strange comments from an anonymous commentor. Then when I checked a little later, those were gone but 3 more were there, different comments but still anonymous. So I deleted them. Then deleted the whole post. I haven't seen them anywhere else here.

Then I was over on another blog and noticed she had some of the same strange anonymous comments too. She deleted those as well.

So has anyone else been getting crazy strange comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the post? I hope it's not some sort of virus that's going to affect bloggers who comment on my blog. I'm so sorry if it does.

I am working on a post about the fermented grains and my milking does. It's coming, just taking pictures and getting some comparisons. But so far the 2 milk does are loving this grain! And milk production is up!


An At Home Daughter said...

I get them, but I set my comments so I have to moderate them. I just click spam. Ever since I made a movie list page, it has been getting spam regularly. I'm sure the spam could give you a virus if you clicked on the link they contain. Just like the e-mails that are going around with no subject. Everyone is getting them.

Linda said...

I use WordPress and my spam is all taken care of by a spam filter plugin. However, I go through them occasionally to see if something slipped into spam that shouldn't be there. Sometimes the comments are quote comical. And often they have nothing to do with the post that they commented on. It's entertaining at times. ;)

Looking forward to your fermenting grain post.

Kristin said...

So far I've escaped the spam. I'm sorry you've been having problems. I wondered what had happened to the last post.

Can't wait to get the 411 on your expeditions into fermentation!