Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicken tractors

I am really excited about these chicken tractors. A friend who bought some of my Freedom Ranger meat birds has several tractors he made and is not going to have chickens anymore. So he is bartering the tractors for chickens. And will even come butcher them too! 

This is the biggest one. The whole top opens with a small door at the end. It has 4 wheels. There are roosts in the back too. And tarp over the back end. Also a chain to hang a waterer. I'll use this one for my 4 laying hens and the rooster til I get meat birds. Right now, I will pull it around in the front yard where all the tall winter grass is. The hens have been in the coop since I started the garden. And I have probably gotten 5 eggs since. They do not like being cooped at all. And protest by not laying eggs. They will  be happy when they get in this. I'll have to wait til tonight to put them in it.

This is another one. He has about 3 more like this we need to go get. I'll have to put roosts in this one.

It opens at both ends. Not near as big as the other one, but will be fine for my hens when I get the meat birds. I'll have to put a nest box in it too.

I think this is a pretty good deal. And to get help butchering is icing on the cake! These are all really built to last a long time. Made with treated lumber. I hate to cage chickens, but if I want a garden, it has to be this way. And I think the meat birds will grow faster too. I'll get 25 at a time. Probably every month.

Now we need to go get the rest of the tractors.We could only get one at a time in out big truck.

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