Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring's a comin' y'all!

It was beautiful yesterday. But still too wet to get in the garden, since it rained all day Monday. I walked around the yard to see what all was popping up. The day lillies are. We've had daffodils for over a month already. I picked some to put inside. Then I noticed my Red Maple tree that I got last year. It didn't look too good toward the end of the year. But now looks like it'll be ok. We've had tons of rain.

The azaleas all looks good too. I have 3 Crepe Myrtles that are later to get leaves. I had 4 blueberry bushes, but the dogs, when they get to playing real rough, have broken one of them. So the 3 are getting little buds now. I'll have to get more because they like where I put them this time. I have tried for years all over this place, to get blueberry bushes to grow and they've all died. They are back by the fence in this picture. I need about about 5 more.

I also have 4 fig trees, 9 apple trees and 3 pear trees. I have yet to get pears from those trees. There have been a few though. Also have 6 grape vines.

But the plant I am most excited about is the elderberry. I have about 4 on this farm. And they do get big beautiful berry clusters. Then, before I know it, they're all gone. because the birds love them more than I do. But this year, I am ahead of them. I'm going to put netting over them when they start to show the flowers. I found a recipe for elderberry lemonade that is SO good that I want to make more of too.

I love this time of year, when all the new life starts popping up all over. The thing I don't like is all the things I am allergic to. For over a month now, my eyes have been so itchy and watery and horrible. And it will only get worse. I don't like this part at all.

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