Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kelp anyone?

I ordered a 50 pound bag of Nature's Kelp from Thorvin. It says it's a rich source of natural minerals. I got it for the sheep and goats. They can have a 1/2 oz. each feeding. I have never used this before. So am wondering if any of you sheep and goat people use it. And what do you think about it? Have you noticed a difference in your sheep or goat's health?

I also got a goat mineral block, which they LOVE. They almost fought over that thing. It's already half eaten.

I need to have soil tests done here to see what I need to do. Also need to do some spring grasses for all the pastures. I  missed the winter rye planting time. Although I think I can still plant that. I would love to plant a good grass-hay-legume mix. So much that needs to be done. I am so tired of feeding so much hay. I originally bought around 180 square bales in spring and late summer. But started feeding hay in September. Why did I do that? So I ram out about the end of Jan. Got 34 more bales for a barter of half a lamb. Supposed to have gotten 37 but missed a few. Need to go get the 3 bales. Then used all that and got 30 more bales about the middle of Feb. I have 7 left. Good grief, I had no idea I'd use so much. I have a source about 2 miles up the road. I'll get more from them. It's a better quality hay too.

I have 4 less goats now. And am trying to sell the 2 bucks. Won't be keeping any kids. I the 8 ewes, 4 of which had 7 lambs. I'll sell the 4 ewe lambs. I'll be castrating the 3 ram lambs to be butchered in late fall. I also will hopefully have the 4 younger ewes to lamb in late spring-early summer. But right now, I'm thinking all of them are not bred. If not, I'll breed in late June for fall lambs. I'd like to do it this way, so I'll have lamb twice a year.

Right now, I am spending a lot of money on these sheep and goats. I am only making a little selling kids and goats right now. And that money goes right back in this farm. I'll be selling goat milk starting this week. And making cheese. So there will be a little money coming in again. It just seems to have been an expensive winter here. Hopefully, we'll start having that nice early spring weather, so I can get the garden's going. I ordered lots of seeds a few days ago and will get them in a few days. The garden is still too soggy to til yet. I need at least 2 weeks of sun to dry it out.

So please, if you have used kelp or are now, let me know how you like it. Thanks.


Linda said...

I have not used the Thorvin brand of kelp, but I do leave kelp out for them to eat free choice. Sometimes they eat a LOT and other times they barely touch it. I don't know if they or better or worse for it because they had always had it. I don't have those goats anymore, but I now have a new start with 2 baby goats and they will have kelp out free choice at all times.

Kelp is important for the trace minerals and iodine that it contains.

Kris said...

Thanks, Linda. So far my 4 does do not like it in their feed. And when I out things out, like baking soda or loose minerals, they make such a mess with it. Like poop in it. And it's in a hanging feeder. Goats are just pigs. So I'll keep sneaking it in their feed, a little at a time. Actually, Penelope ate some out of the coffee can. They'll do that a lot.

Kris said...

My sheep are loving the kelp! I put a lot out in their mineral feeder along with the minerals. The kelp is all gone! They love it. I've been putting a little in the goat's feed too and they are starting to eat it now. I sure hope it helps them.