Friday, March 1, 2013

My truck

This morning I went out to try to crank my truck. I've been driving it because my Trooper is in the transmission shop in Flintstone right now with the transmission dead. So have to use the big huge gas guzzling truck. Which is now really hard to start. Somehow, I have to get the gear shift in just that right spot and it will crank. But it takes about a half hour to find that spot. So, I put it back in park and went inside for awhile. Went back out to try again, and no truck. Gone. It was right there when I went inside.

Here it was, in the fence at the bottom of the parking lot. I have a farm bell there too. It's now on the ground. Fence bashed in. BUT, at least, it is on the side of the gates! I can still open them. BUT, it still willnot start. AND, yesterday, like a big dummy, I filled up the back tank and decided to go ahead and fill up the front tank too. I looked and it was nearly at a hundred $. And still not full. I looked to see if there was gas on the ground. But no. I stopped it at $100 even. And it took 27 gallons and still didn't fill up the front tank. Oh well.

This is what the fence looks like. That's the garden gate. That's the bell post. And that's the bell, on the ground. And it WAS in park.

If I had not been crying over all this other stuff going on with the goats and sheep, I would have cried some more. But it's a little bit funny, really. So I am laughing. Just because it feels better right now. And my mom is coming out to get me and take me to Mrs. T's, where I am back to work on Fridays again. And I will see if I can possibly borrow her car til my Trooper is fixed.

So there is light at the end on my tunnel. And it's spitting snow! Have a great weekend, y'all!


Betty Ann said...

Sometimes we all just want to run away from home for awhile. But then we miss our critters and can't wait to get back. When spring comes we will all feel better!!!

Shine said...

I always find it better to laugh rather than cry when possible:)So sorry friend...hope the next few days bring much sunshine and smiles:)))

Kris said...

Husband is home. He went right out there and it cranked right up. I hate this truck.