Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweet dreams

I got my Taproot magazine a few days ago. The 5th issue of this great new magazine. I love it. If you haven't already heard of it or get it, you need this one. No ads at all. Great illustrations, frame worthy. Great homesteading and farming and livestock articles. And this issue has an article about bees! Of which I will be getting soon, from my friend at Sale Creek Honey. He is selling out. I'll get them in about 6 weeks or so. And the middle of April, I'm taking a bee keeping class at a fellow blogger in Ringgold, not too far from me! So, looks like things are coming together for the bees. I have wanted bees for so long. But I don't know anything about them, other than we need them to pollinate plants and trees. Without them, we won't last long.

But all the things that keep a person from doing something like this, I have been through. First, I know not a think about keeping bees. Next, bees can be quite pricey. Not only the purchase of bees, but also all the bee paraphernalia that goes along with bees. Suits, smokers, hives, food, extractors .... the list goes on and on. (I did put an ad on CL for used suits and things, Or if anyone who reads this blog has anything, let me know.) Then, what if I kill the poor things? What if a disease gets in the hive and wipes them all out? What if  make too much noise and get attacked by the whole hive of them and killed in one outing?  Oh yes, I have thought a lot about this. All the horrible things that could go wrong. I would be responsible for them.

But ya know what? Sometimes there is no "right" time to do anything. Ya just have to do it. Jump in and get the feet wet. learn as you go. Just like having children. No right time there. It just happens. And you survive somehow. And so do the kids. Or the animals. Or whatever. Ya just have to do it.

And right now, with Eddie selling out, is the right time for me. And the class, the right time. It's all falling into place for me to get my first bees. I am jumping in, feet first. And I just have to believe that these sweet dreams will come true. And I will have hives of bees here on my farm.

I would love to hear you bee stories if you'd like to share. I will need all the help I can get.

If you're interested in Taproot magazine, here is how to order it . taprootmag.com or 802-472-1617. It's just as easy as that! And I promise, you will love it too.


Triple K Farm said...

Congrats on your bees! This is something we'd like to do in the future also.
I have a question about the soap you make, does it have rye? and do all soaps have too?

Kris said...

I'm assuming you meant lye/ Yes, my soap is made with lye and either water or milk or sometimes I put apple cider. But all soap I make is with lye. While it sits and cures, all the lye is out of it. I am not into all the technical aspects of soap. But I know if it doesn't work, I just try again til it does. I also use lard in some soaps which gives the soap a creamier lather. My favorite soap is just a plain castille. Not all soaps have lye in them. Some are just melt and pour soaps, using a base already made. You just ad your scents or herbs or whatever. I think there is a cold process too. Not an expert by any means.

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Kris! Bees/beekeeping are on my want to and will do list too...

For used equip, check any of your state beekeepers associations - they (here at least) frequently have things up for grabs at good prices.

Having a hands on mentor to learn is wonderful - both practical and health and safety info - for bees and their keepers! Inbetween here are some links that may be of help to you. Can't personally hands-on vouch for any of the info, but Cornell Ag is excellent! And again, they stress/teach all aspects from keeper safety and tips to step by step. Lots of how to images too. The info in the links is geared to NY, but it may help (if you have time to read or print for later reference).



Keep us posted on the buzzzz on your bees! (lol sorry, couldn't resist the bee pun)


Kris said...

Thank you, Issy. I will check those out. I am really starting from scratch here. There is also a store near here that is all about bees and anything related. But they sell all new of course. I could go there just to see if they know of anyone that has extra. But thank you again. And yes, I will bee keeping all my adventures here. I hope this will make me a calmer person!