Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garden season 2013. Officially started today.

I got out in the garden today. Finally. Tried to crank the tiller. Nothing. So I had to park her in the sun to warm up. After awhile  she started right on up. And away we went! I got a good deal done. And now I have my seeds ready. But as you can see, I have some unwanted visitors at the moment. If I plant seeds now, they would be all snatched up in no time. So I'll have to wait til they go to bed later. I am swapping a stanchion for a chicken tractor, so they should be in that soon. But right now, they can be out there.

This is my Cub Cadet tiller Cadie. I got her last year, so we are going into our 2nd garden season together. I really like this tiller. Usually just one pull and she starts. I have to go over the ground a lot right now though. It was a little wet so I let it dry out in the sun a few hours, then went back over it again just now.

So I am going to plant some kale, collards, mustard, lettuce, 6 different radishes, onions seeds, Swiss Chard.  Probably a few more things. I'll wait a few more weeks to plant potatoes. I need to get more onions. But I am excited to get going! I knew once I got out there, I would be on the way.

I am also going to get 2 pigs Saturday from a friend in Alabama. I think I am ready for a few more. They'll go into the first big stall in the goat barn and mulch up the 6' of hay in there. It's so deep I hit my head every time I go out there any more. Very irritating for sure. There are 3 more stalls for the goats.

 I sent my application in for the main St. Farmer's market. I so hope I get in. It's on Wed. from 4-6 Spring summer and fall. It's a really good market in downtown Chattanooga. I already know some of the farmers.

So here I go!


Kristin said...

It feels so good to get the garden in! Let those chickens get all the grubs. Good birds.

We've been having unseasonably cold weather. I can't stand getting out of my warm bed in the morning.

I can't wait to hear how the pigs do. I've been contemplating getting a couple.

Sure wish I had someone to disbud and castrate. I'm going to have to figure it out for myself.

Have a great day!

Kris said...

It frosted here last night and is really cold this morning. But is supposed to be near 70 today! I see that you have most of your garden planted already. I also do all this myself, so have to do so much at a time. And the girl who disbuds for me never called yesterday. I have got to learn to do this myself, because having to depend on others is getting old. The does buds are just barely showing but the bucks are just about 3/4" and I am getting worried.

I dreamed about pigs all night! I have thought of calling and cancelling the pigs. What am I thinking? I can handle them when they're small. But what am I going to do with them when they are 200 and 300 pounds? And my biggest problem is getting them loaded onto a trailer. They usually get out and it's a pig chase then. The nightmares have started!

SweetLand Farm said...

Looks good. Got a few months before we can get our garden in here.
I hope you get into the farmers market that sounds exciting!
We got 4 pigs a few weeks ago!

Kris said...

4 pigs! I would really have nightmares then. How do you raise your pigs? Are they outside on pasture or inside? And what do your eat? I forgot to ask yesterday what these people are feeding these pigs. I went today to the feed store and got some pig feed and cracked corn. Also got on the list at Niedlovs bakery in Chatt! I am so glad about that. But I have a lot of goat milk right now.

Sandra said...

I have garden will be a while before we can do anything in the garden.
Have Fun :)

Kris said...

Come on down, Sandra, I need all the help I can get here! Any time you feel the need to garden and can't.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the invite Kris. Sounds like fun:)
I was nominated for the Leibster Awarda and in turn nominated you :)
You can check it out:

Have a nice day!

Kris said...

Thank you Sandra! That's so nice. I will try to get this all done like you did. I'm not very smart when it comes to computer stuff. Thanks again!