Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Well, how do ya like that?

So, I just got home from market. Sandy is out back bawling her head off. I go to see what's wrong. Well, her kids are gone. Just like that. These people came here and took the kids while I wasn't even here! No note. No calls. Nothing at all. That's just crazy. They did pay for them when they first came out here to see them. But they don't know a thing about these kids. When they were born or what shots they've had. It's just crazy. Not right. I called them and left yet another message saying how I hoped it was them that came out here and got the goats. And thanks for calling.

I have never been through something like this. It's just plain weird. Now I'm going to worry that they'll start calling and wanting to come get the kids and saying it wasn't them that got them. Great.


Betty Ann said...

I have a thought. Maybe you should notify the authorities that your three goats have been removed from your property during your absence and you have no way of knowing who took them. Does anyone out there in the blogosphere have any idea whether or not this is a viable idea? Kris and all the rest of us can use all the advice we can get. Oh my, Kris! What a dilemma!!

Betty Ann said...

PS: At worst you were scammed out of $60 boarding fees and will never hear from those people again. The world is made up of all different kinds of folks.

Kristin said...

Wow, and you have no way of knowing that the buyers were the ones who took them. And how freaky to have someone just come onto your property and take the animals!!! I feel violated for you.

Kris said...

I think I will call the police and report the kids stolen. Just in case they do say it wasn't them that got them.

I have still not heard a thing from them.