Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September!

 This morning, I noticed the Silver Maple tree has some yellow on some of the leaves. And there is a different feeling in the air. Fall's on the way!

                                                       Yates apples all over the ground.

                                      This is on the Granny Smith apple tree. How strange is that?

And the figs are coming on strong! I go out and pick a lot every day now. I took a lot to the market last Wed. And also made 10 jelly jars of fig preserves yesterday. I just picked a bunch for my friend this morning too. I'll be making more preserves as the days go by. I have 4 bushes and they are all just loaded.

                                The blueberry bushes are starting to turn and loose their leaves.

                                           This is the sedum, decked out in it's Autumn glory.

I love Redbud trees. They are my very favorite tree. I have wanted them here ever since we bought this place. I got this tree and another smaller tree from my mother's yard a few years ago. This one is about 15' tall now. The other one is really small but is growing and will hopefully be as big as this one soon. I love the leaf patterns on this tree too. So pretty.

We need to get all the oak tree wood split and hauled to the farm soon. I think we'll be having an early fall.


Betty Ann said...

Goodness!! How do you get the figs before the birds do?? Our fig tree is about 10 feet tall and we have to pick the fruit when it just begins to color up. Yum. Wishing we could get enough to make preserves.

Kris said...

The birds are in the apple trees. The wasps and ants are the fig lovers here. I have to go out there every day and pick before they get too ripe or they'll be full of ants and wasps. And also the fruit flies are all over. But fig preserves are SO good! I'm taking it all to market tomorrow along with figs. I hope I sell out!