Friday, September 20, 2013

Beautiful morning here in the cove.

 What a beautiful morning! The sky was just amazing.

This leaf has been hanging from this web for days now. Finally got the camera and took lots of pictures. This one looks like a sea horse floating on a boat. So pretty with the clouds behind it.

The sunrise was awesome. Again. I just love the view across the road. Can you see the horses over to the right in front of that little tree?

                                                                  Just beautiful!

I saw Stella looking in while the sheep were munching on some old bread. I thought she just wanted to come say hello to the sheep...

But her and Bubba had something else they wanted. They love bread too! Leelah came to check them out. She was stomping her feet too.

And here's Sandy, the pig goat. This is so funny. Here she is, munching away at this hard roll I gave here, with Zarah and Zeeboo head butting. And she doesn't even notice. I do believe I have a few goats in heat. But I am waiting til next month. No more early kids for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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