Sunday, September 22, 2013


The past 2 days I have had my booth set up down at the community center for this re-enactment. It was totally not what I was expecting at all. It was a little disappointing for me. Not near the traffic or throngs of people I was thinking would be here. But most of the traffic was routed down Hog Jowl Rd to the East of us, over the ridge. And we had signs up too. Anyway, it was fun and I did sell a lot of soap.

So I was next to an alpaca person. Her name is Susan Darling and she had My Little Darling's Alpaca farm. She sells alpaca wool and also knitted  and felted items. She also has her spinning wheel with her. Anyway, we talked the whole time we were there. I have met her before so had talked to her before this a few times. She has about 60 alpacas right now. She had taken in 10 from a couple who had to give them up due to health reasons. She can't seem to find people to sell them to so is going to give them up to a rescue group in a few weeks. She has a vet coming to castrate all the males.

As we were talking about this, I asked her if she was just giving them away. She said she would give me 2 of them if I wanted them. I have NEVER wanted an alpaca. Ever. Nor a llama. Nor a donkey. Always said I would never have any of these animals. They scare me. And llamas and alpacas are ugly. And they spit! BUT their wool is amazing! I love alpaca wool.

SO, I have about 1 1/2 weeks to think about it and make up my mind. I told my husband and asked him what he thought about it. He really could care less, as long as it's not pigs. So I will go to her farm this week and look at them. If they spit at me I will not get them. If not, I will consider it. I would love a brown one. I think the 2 she said I could have are white and a tan color.

Does anyone have alpacas? What do you think about them? I would love to hear more about them. And there are 2 different kinds. She did say the Suri's she has are a bit high-strung, so I know I don't need them. Big decision for me. I also need to buy a hair ram and a Boer buck in the next few weeks too.


Kristin said...

I'm laughing here. No pigs but you can have alpacas? It's interesting but would they need their own pen? Special food? I'm one who's up for trying anything, but I'm inclined to say focus on the sheep or goats. Sorry to be a party pooper.

Kris said...

I know. I really need a Katahdin ram and a Boer buck right now more than 2 alpacas. Also maybe another milk doe. And I really don't have a whole lot of room for animals I'd have to keep separate. That means more fencing. You know what they say about free things. And she also said alpacas need to be wormed once a month for meningeal worms. And with all the worm problems I have with the sheep lately, it may not be a good idea just now. But alpacas go for around $1000. a piece around here. I'm going to look at these guys and talk to her some more about this before I make a decision. I really need to hear all sides to this. Thanks! And they are a lot like sheep except they do need a little copper. They can eat goat feed. These would be 2 wethers. I guess castrated male alpacas are called wethers too?

Kristin said...

Can't hurt to talk to her. I'm sure they're expensive, when you're looking for them, but how much demand is there for alpacas? She can't seem to get rid of these...

With your love of spinning though and the shift from wool goats to hair goats, it may be an option for some more wool. How do they do in your climate?

Kris said...

This lady has over 60 alpacas of her own. The 10 she got aren't registered. I think that's the main reason the people couldn't sell them. apparently people want registered stock around here. More money in them that way. I could care less myself. And with getting to wethered males, I won't be breeding. They do great in our climate here. It's just the worm issue. I think this will be the main concern for me right now.