Saturday, September 14, 2013

A long day

Do you see all these sweet sheep? Do you see a fence to the right? That's how it all started. Just another one of those days...

To the left of this picture is a huge pasture, full of beautiful green grass. And shade trees. To the right, right beside this area, is the garden. And across the driveway is the ram. Does that give you any idea of where this little story is going?

Not see that sweet white ewe in the front there? She started the whole thing. Yes, Fiona did it.

This morning, while I was feeding dogs and cats and milking goats, all I could hear were sheep. So when I finally got over there to check on them and feed them, Fiona is pacing all along the fence line. back and forth and back and forth, like a caged lion in a zoo. So I figured she was in heat. She didn't even bother going over to eat. Nope. Pacing the fence. Back and forth.

This is how I usually go into this area, to feed them and all the other things I need to do. Just easier going over this fence than going through the gate up there at the top of the picture. It has a chain and it's just a hassle to undo. So when I got done, I stepped over the fence. And there went Miss Fiona. Leaped right on over. And so did her daughter, Bonnie. And her sister Leelah. By the time I could get back over there and get to the rest of the sheep, who were going bazerk by then, they were in the garden, having breakfast. I got the other sheep back into the pasture and shut that gate. Ran back and forth, putting up the little fence between the yard and driveway gate. Moved the car to block them from going down the driveway. I had to go get Abraham and John Henry and take them back to the back yard.

By then, the 3 sheep were at the fence, ready to go over there where the ram just was. So in they went. Then had to go get the rest of the by then crazy sheep over to the pasture with the other 3. These sheep hate being apart. That's why the lambs are still with them. So that took about 10 minutes to get them ALL over into that other pasture. Then had to get them up front because I have the chickens out now. And I don't want the sheep eating the laying feed.

THEN I had to go wrestle 10,000 feet of crappy kinky hoses so I could get them some water way up front there. That took another hour. Then got the trough up there and water in it. Got them all situated finally. I think I walked 5 miles this morning.

Yesterday it was goats I was chasing. I forgot to lock them in the stanchions while milking and left to go do other chores while they finished eating. When I got back, I heard noises that I should not be hearing. Got all of them but Sandy. She had other ideas, she did. Got some more exercise chasing her. Such fun having sheep and goats!

And I have been trying to make soap for weeks now. Just haven't gotten my head into it. So today, I started getting things together in the kitchen to get started. The dogs were barking the "someone's here" bark. So had to go outside and cut herbs for a friend. More on that another time. Then it happened again. My friends that got my neighbor's whole property, which is all around me and across the road, for bow hunting, stopped in. It's the first day of bow hunting season. And he got one!! He wanted to use the hose to clean it out. Cool. So the next deer is mine! So it's a good thing I didn't start soap then.

Later this afternoon, I finally go going. I made 5 batches! Rosemary-thyme, orange-clove, rosewood-lavender, and an apple-cinnamon that I used my apple cider instead of water. And the other one is a sage with lard. And I always like to put fresh herbs in each soap. The orange-clove I put fresh ground cloves in the soap and on top. The apple-cinnamon got fresh cinnamon sprinkled on top. And the rosemary-thyme got fresh rosemary and thyme in and on top. Also put lavender in the rose-lavender. I love how my house smells when I make soap. It smells spicey right now.

So, it's been a busy day here. And I just have 1 week til the 150th Civil War re-enactment next weekend. That's why I wanted to make more soap. We're having a country store up at the community center.  I am not really looking forward to all the traffic and people that will be out here then. And the noise.

Maybe October will be quieter and more peaceful?


Kristin said...

Oh no! I sure hope they don't decide to leap over again! Animals! I couldn't believe my goat kids could leap over the stall gates, but they could. I had to put up chicken wire.

I would love to see pictures of your soaps. I need to work on making some more for Christmas.

Kris said...

I just had to go out this morning and do some more fence work. If I ever get rich, I'm gonna hire someone to come out here and re-do all my fences and add some more. I want the bigger pasture divided into at least 6 smaller pastures and the smaller pasture divided into 2.

Sandra Morris said...

Oh goodness!
It is never good when you see a ewe where she is not suppose to be. Especially since they are usually not alone!

Shine said...

OK...I'm exhausted! Have a restful evening:)