Thursday, September 5, 2013

Milking Sandy again

I got to milk Sandy this morning. She had a lot of milk. It took awhile to get her to let it all down for me though. She misses her kids. But she'll be fine.

I was outside picking figs and saw the gate to the buck and ram pen open. Abraham was out in the holding area but no John Henry. I found him, alone, and put them both back in their yard. I had moved the sheep over next door and they were just a fence away from Abraham too. Too close for comfort. I do not want February lambs or kids ever again.

The 1st of October, I will put bucks and the ram with the girls. March sounds like a better time to have lambs and kids.

I'll be going to the police station while I;m in town to report what happened yesterday. Maybe I can get them to call this guy. I just hope the kids are all ok.


Betty Ann said...

Kris, I certainly hope it all works out for you and you find out where your kids are and that they are OK.

Kris said...

Betty Ann, I have one more post above. Thanks for your concern.