Wednesday, September 18, 2013

150th Civil War re-enactment Sept. 21st and 22nd.

It's already starting. The trucks and trailers full of horses and wagons and cannons and who knows what else. Going to the end of my road to Mountain Cove Farm for the 150th Civil War re-enactment this weekend. It's a little exciting now. I was really dreading this whole thing.  I don't like traffic and lots of people. I'm usually the last one driving on my road on the way home, way out here in the middle of no where. But already, I am seeing a lot of traffic. Especially in the mornings, with work trucks and ice trucks and dump trucks.

It's quiet right now.

But soon, this little lane will be bumper to bumper with cars and buses and campers.

Just over this little hill is where it will all happen...

Can you just imagine these hundreds of acres filled with thousands of people and horses? Tents and campfires? Soldiers all over the fields? I  don't know. It's just amazing that all this will be happening way out here in just a few days. Just amazing!

Our little community center , just about 1/4 mile from me, will be a country store. We will have lots of people selling a variety of goodies there. I'll be selling soap and jelly and preserves. And a few other things too. I am excited about that. 2 long days and lots of people.

Y'all think about us way out here. And if anyone is coming, stop by the community center and say hello. I'd love to see you there! Or stop by the farm on the way.


An At Home Daughter said...

I forgot. That's how I found your blog. You asked Mia if she was going to be at the re-enactment. Hmmm, wonder if she will be there?.


Kris said...

Me too. I have so many trucks and cars and trailers and all kinds of things going by the past few days. It's getting busier by the minute out here! I will probably not get down to where all the action is going on. I'll be at my booth both days til 6. I bet they will be here though. She's in S. Ga. I think. Not too far away.