Thursday, September 5, 2013

Had a phone call

AFTER I went to town and saw the sheriff. I told him what all has happened and he called the guy. And he actually answered! But then, when the sheriff told him this was the Walker Co Sheriff's dept, the guy hung up! The sheriff called right back and didn't get an answer.

So about half way home, my phone rings and it's him. And I'm in a place that's pretty bad for reception too. Keep that in mind. He said he'd been trying to call me for days. It goes straight to voice mail. He said he left numerous messages. He's had to go with a different phone company because Verizon is not good where they live. Hmmm...we had to go with Verizon way out here because it was the ONLY phone company that WOULD work way out here.

So he said he and his son came out yesterday to get the kids. He said he called a few times to tell me and left messages. I have nothing on my phone indicating he has EVER called. Nothing. And I have had my phone with me since I started leaving him messages. I do not believe a thing that man has said. He also said he tried to call the sheriff back but didn't get the number. I asked about the kids and wanted to know if they were ok. He said yes, they are fine. They are at the farm now.

I guess that's all folks! I'm done with this little drama. Now I can go work in the yard and plant stuff! Then milk a goat again tonight! Thanks for all the encouragement and I hope this is the end of this story.

P.S. AND next year, when I am ready to sell kids again, I WILL get more info on people buying them. AND I will go see their farms. So I'll just deliver the little rascals myself. Just to be on the safe side next time.


Betty Ann said...

Well I am happy you can close this chapter. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Hope the calls from the sheriff ruined his day a little.

Linda said...

Wow that was kinda crazy and a little scary too. Something just doesn't sound right with his story. I am glad its over but that situation sure would have freaked me out.
Enjoy your milk. I just made 2 more batches of Feta and will be giving one to Lisa(farmgirl Nubidane). Take care.


Kris said...

Linda, I need to make cheese again. I am getting a little more milk now. How's your cheese making coming along?

Linda said...

So far so good. This last batch of feta cheese I added less salt. The first batch was way too salty.

I am glad your getting milk again. I have 4 gallons in the fridge and need to make some more feta. Its nice to be in this predicament again.I know as fall progresses the girls will start backing off milk production again. So going to milk and make cheese while I can.

Happy cheese making.