Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blacksmith shop and doctor's office

Next stop on the tour is the blacksmith shop. It also was full of every tool a blacksmith could possibly need.

I love the huge hornet's nest hanging from the ceiling. Don't know why it's there though.

                                                                   A huge grinding stone.

This is the fire pit. I don't know the actual name for this.

Then the doctor's office. There were all kinds of medical books and journals in the desk.

And beautiful bottles everywhere. I love them in the window. You can see some of the other buildings in this shot.

Here's my mom, Iris. We had such fun looking in all the little building and the house.

                                                                       Isn't this pretty?

                                                     More medicine bottles in this shelf.

I'll post some of the inside of the house next. It is amazing in there. I hope y'all don't get bored.

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Linda said...

Just love all those bottles in the window. They look so pretty setting like that and to have a window like that to set them in.

Not bored one bit I am enjoying the tour!!!

Thanks Kris.