Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is how we do it 'round here...

These 2 guys are amazing! This past Sunday, my mother and I were at Baskin Robbins, eating some ice cream. The store is to the left of this picture. This parking lot faces 2 ways. One toward the shops and the other toward the road. This white truck is facing the road.

So we're sitting in the store. I look out the window and see a green truck backing up. Then I see this white truck moving. The green truck just hit the white truck. Well, the driver pulled up and was going to leave, but looked right at me looking right at him. So he pulls up and the passenger gets out and runs across the lot to look at the white truck. He goes back to  the green truck and they start leaving.  It all happened so fast. So when the trucks hit, I asked the girls working if it was their truck. One of the girls looks and about that time, her boyfriend and his friend were coming in the door. She hollers at them to go look at the truck, that it just got hit and the people were leaving.

So the guys ran out the door, across the lot to look at the truck, ran across the other way to their truck. And I saw them flying after the green truck, that was at the road, leaving! These boys followed the guys to their house! They lost them a few times but found them again. They called the cops on the way and told them what happened. They waited at the end of the guys driveway til the police got there.

So the men live in Walker Co. The hit and run is in Catoosa Co. So we waited for a police officer to get there. By the way, the truck is owned by the owners of the Chinese rest. next door to BR. They had called the police too. So he gets there. And since it's on private property, they would normally just do a report and give each person a paper to fill out with each other's info. But since this was a hit and run, IF the driver has any record, like suspended licence or anything, they will arrest them. But they would have to come back to this county. So, a little while later, we see the green truck coming into the parking lot with some police cars. You can see the green truck in the back. And see all the police cars here? Not much happens in Ft. Oglethorpe.

They all get out. Next thing we see is a cop handcuffing the driver. He gets put into the 1st officers car. They also handcuffed the passenger. We don't know why. But we did hear the driver had a suspended licence. Plus he hit the truck and left. He could have other things they found too.

But the whole point to this is, I am just so impressed with these 2 teenagers here! They just went above and beyond what anyone else would have done in a situation like this, I think. Jacob, on the left, is the driver. He wants to be a police officer some day. I think we really need a guy like this. He did so good. And did it all right too. His friend, Aaron, was the caller. They both were awesome! Really makes me think differently about teens now.

It never pays to do anything wrong. Someone is watching and will found out! I don't know how this would have turned out if the green truck driver had gone in to find out who's truck he just hit and tried to do something then. But he probably didn't have insurance either. If my insurance ran out or my licence expired, I'd be the first person to get pulled over.

Just wanted to let people know, there are good kids around! pat some on the back for me!


Betty Ann said...

Obviously somebody raised 'em right!! Thanks for an uplifting story--I think. Except for the worthless people who committed the crime. My first thought was that the hit and run people could have shot them dead! The easiest way for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. These young men were courageous indeed!

Kris said...

Betty Ann, they stayed back enough from the truck, thinking the same thing.. And stayed at the road til the police got there. The other guys had to have seen them following them.