Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A dilemma.

I have a problem. Before I left for Colorado, I had put an ad on Craig's list to try and sell these triplet does. I got a call just a few hours later from a couple that were so excited and wanted all 3 and would come out right away to pay for them. They said they couldn't get them til the end of Aug. though, because their farm was not quite ready for the goats. I said that would be just fine as I was leaving for a week and didn't want the girl who was going to come milk Penelope to have to milk Sandy twice a day.

So now it's Sept. 4th. I have called a few times and left messages on the guys phone. I know it's his because he says his name on the voice mail. So this morning I called again. I said first that I hope they are ok. The wife had broken her ankle and was having to go to PT. I said that if I don't hear from them in a few days that I will start charging $5 /day /goat for feed and boarding, starting Sept. 1st. That's going to add up pretty fast to the amount they paid (in full, BTW) and then I will try to sell them again. I do have a copy of the bill of sale that states they will pick the 3 doelings up the end of Aug.

Has anyone had this happen? What did you do? Any other suggestions? I think I have done all I can do right now. I do hope they are ok and that they call and come get these girls.


Kristin said...

I am having a similar issue now. I sold the 2 mini-mancha doelings and threw Bogo in. This was mid-July. She said it would be a little while until they were ready for them. I told her I'd keep them a mo then it was $20/mo boarding for each girl. She paid me $200 up front. Then they had to go out of state and they still aren't back!

At least I heard from her last week. They should be back next week and she asked me to add in boarding fees. I really want these girls gone. I can't milk Onyx in the evenings with them on her so I am probably losing over 2 gal a milk a week.

I hope they come get them soon (yours and mine).

Kris said...

Me too! I just wish they'd call at least and let me know what's going on. I hate this. It sounds like you are in contact with your people. That's nice. I just don't know what's going on with mine. I hear about scams on CL all the time. Just hope this is not one.

Denny144 said...

To cover yourself in case you do want to re-sell the does, send them a certified letter with a return receipt, give them a no refund date and keep a copy of the signed letter. I'm assuming you have their address, of course.

Kris said...

Well, no, I don't know a thing about these people. All they said was they had just bought a farm in Alabama and were getting it ready and in the mean time they were living in Chattanooga. They paid cash money and didn't even blink at the price and counted out the money like they did it every day.

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