Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes, it pays to shop. And nap.

This morning I had to go to town for a few things. It was already too hot to do much outside. So went to Walmart first. I found some capris and a few shirts on sale. And a few pairs of shoes. I never find shoes I like. And these both were on sale for just a few dollars.

Then went to Goodwill. I found another pair of capris and 4 shirts and the pretty blue lamb's wool sweater. All on sale half price.

Then next door to Goodwill is another little thrift store that helps a domestic violence shelter. Right away I saw this pretty green sweater. And it's 100% wool. And it was just $1.50! And I found another cute little green blouse. Not bad for a few hours shopping. And only spent about $30.

When I got home, it was about 2. And still really hot. The sun was right on the garden, where I was going to work some. And mow. But I took a nap. I could hardly hold my eyes open. I do this about once a month, just to catch up. I feel better now!

And I did get to mow the whole place this evening. It was a lot cooler and the sun was behind the trees.

Also got to milk Sandy again. Only got about a pint. I might just have to milk her once a day. I'll see how she is tomorrow evening. Her milk is SO good. So rich and creamy.

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