Sunday, April 17, 2016


 This morning, I put the sheep and alpacas in back with the goats. There is plenty of grass and the goats don't eat it much. They'd rather be out eating the brush on the other side of the fence. So I need to let the sheep out there to keep the grass down.

Here's little Rika, doing a goat baby dance! She's so cute.

The Locust trees are in full bloom right now. Bees all over them!

As I was walking from my studio to the car this morning, (to go to Cloudland Station for the day and sell soap and stuff)  I just felt really thankful.

For my sheep and alpacas. I get so much fiber from them and make dryer balls, needle felted things and yarn, and I make money from them.

For my goats for their milk that I make soap and cheese with. And make money from them too.

And for my hens who lay the best eggs ever that I sell and make money from.

And honey bees for their bees wax that I make soap, salve and lotion bars with and make money too.

I am so thankful for all my animals and bees here at Outback Farm. They give me so much and then others get to enjoy it too. It's amazing that I get to live here and do what I do and make a little money to boot. Just awesome.

I swear Black Bart poses for me, Whenever I have the camera and point it at him, he stands still like he's posing. He knows he's the most handsome rooster ever. Look at that one while feather on his tail. Cool right? I lost a hen this week, so down to 7 now. Plus the 6 new little ones. I hope a few hens go broody soon so we can have some more chicks running around soon.

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