Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I shaved my goat...

yep, shaved the whole goat. I just thought it would be easier to see ticks if she has any more. I think she likes it too. She must be so much cooler.

That's a goat kid leg behind her. I just thought it looked kind of strange.

She had a whole lotta hair. I had to do one side on one stanchion, then move her to the other one to do the other side.

This is her before. Very hairy girl. I always called her my hippie goat. I can actually see her udder now when she walks. Before it was hidden behind all that hair.

I've always shaved their udders and under the belly and legs, but never the whole goat. It took awhile to do. And she was so good. I'll do some touch ups in the morning. The shears were getting hot.

So the swelling from the tick is gone and she's doing well. I was worried about her today while I was gone. But she was fine when I got home. I put more plantain salve on .That stuff is good!

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