Friday, April 15, 2016

A yarn. And some yarn.

 Yesterday about 4 I got a call from Abby, the event planner at Cloudland Station. I went to 2 last year there and did really well. I loved it!I have been seeing lots of activity over there and wondered what was going on. Even thought about calling Abby a time or two. But never did.

So she says they are having a another Southern Living open house event and wondered if I'd be interested in coming. I said sure, I would love to, when is it? She said Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-6:30. I said like tomorrow? Yes. Ummmmm, really?

This happened both times before. The day before they have the event, they call to see if I'd like to come. Well, I start stressing out about it. I have SO much to do already, now this? I really want to go. So go tell my husband. And there's water all over the kitchen floor. A lot of water. The sink had been draining slow lately. And I had just washed a load in the dishwasher. It backed up and sent water all over!

So this, plus had to go to town to pay one of the care givers and go to my pottery class for the glazing class. (Which was so fun! I learned so much and can't wait to go back to finish the rest of the things I've made. It was too much to do in one class.) Thinking of all the things I should be doing, like wrapping soap. Making more lotion bars. Washing all the yarn I've been spinning. Finding tables and table clothes and display shelves and baskets and getting the car loaded and and ..... Oh my goodness, I almost had a panic attack!

So when I got home last night, my husband had some things ready to try to fix the sink. I just said I don't have time for this! He said I don't need to be doing everything. And I realized I was not going to the show Friday. And I felt so much better. Abby said I didn't have to go all 3 days. But we need money so bad right now, so I really wanted to. So I decided to just do the weekend. So I have all day today to get ready.

I wrapped soap last night til midnight. Also made 2 more batches of lotion bars. That felt so good just to get the soaps wrapped.

So today, I made more lotion bars, found the table clothes and shelves and got the soap all ready.

Then started setting the twist on all the skeins of yarn I've spun lately. Got them all hanging on the porch to dry. Still not totally sure I'll take them to this show. Might save them for the show down at the barn in May.

But aren't they all pretty hanging out on the porch? I love spinning and the results are just amazing. So soft.

Here you can see Buttercup's on the top row. The other white is Amarillo and Sugar, the alpaca. The blue and white is Buttercup and a blue roving I bought. I think it is BL.

                                                                   The brown is Romney.And to the left barely in the picture is the 2 skeins of that Merino  I've been trying to spin for a year. All done!

There's also some Border Leister that's blue and some more white wool with black alpaca.

I think I'll take my knitted hats though.  But mostly soap and lotion bars this time. Because the farmers market starts next Friday in St. Elmo! So excited about this one. I hope I have to make a whole lot more soap!

Y'all have a great weekend! If you're up this way, stop in and see me at Cloudland Station on 193.

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