Thursday, April 28, 2016


 feta cheese and soap boxes today. I actually made this cheese Saturday, but cut it up and added chives and garlic and covered it in olive oil today. It is SO good! I am bartering with a friend for her brand new sisal rug that she found out she's allergic to, so I'll take her some today. And have some for us.

And last night, I thought up these cute little soap boxes. A friend gave us a stack of pallet type wood so these are free. I went ahead and cut enough for 10 boxes. They will hold 8 bars of soap and stack on top of each other with enough room that the soaps won't touch. Pretty cool, right? And all free.  They will take up less room too. I love them. So rustic looking. I also thought I'd get some chalkboard paint and paint the front of the box, so I can write the name of each soap, instead of using a piece of card stock. My market neighbor the other day was worried about my little name tags. So I think he should be happy with these boxes.

                                        Doesn't this look so cute? I love it. Just plain ole boxes.

                                          I love how they just all stack on top of each other so nice too.


Denny Gross said...

Maybe stencil or free-hand draw some animals and Outback Farms on there for some color?

Kris said...

Good idea! Some goats would be nice. Thanks for that!