Thursday, April 14, 2016

A new hive.

 My friend Allen, who lives up the road from me with his family, has been catching swarms like crazy for a little over a week now. 7 so far! Last year he had a swarm in his garden and I brought up my empty hive to use. We will split it soon. I call Allen The King of Swarms now.

So he called me yesterday and asked if I wanted this new swarm he was getting ready to catch. I said sure! My husband had to come get the nuc box that was in my car at Mrs. T's and take it to him. He caught the swarm and closed the nuc.

I went this morning to the bee store in Lafayette to get a hive set up. It was on sale! But we had to put it together. When I got home, our friend and wood fairy Kid, was just coming in behind me. So we had help!

The guys put the brood box together first so I could get that painted. Then as they put each piece together, I'd come in and get it and paint it.

So here it is, all ready for bees! I went to Allen's to get the nuc full of bees. Got them home, added the sugar water and entrance reducer, ran to get my shirt and hat on. Then opened the top. Then realized I'd need my gloves to get the frames full of bees out. So shut the top and ran to get gloves. A whole bunch of bees got out.

Got back to the box, opened it up again, and realized I just might need my hive tool to get the frames full of bees out of the box. So shut the top again, letting more bees out, ran to get the hive tool. Opened the top back up. By then, those were some pretty pissed off bees!

I went ahead and got them out as quickly as possible, without stirring them up too much more. I did have to stop at the 3rd frame to get a few bees out of my hat. Got the rest in, put the top on the hive and the blocks. And ran away! There were several mad ladies who wanted me gone! Fast! So I went. Some followed me out the gate just to make sure I really was leaving!

This is the hive after I was away a few minutes.

Then about an hour later. They had settled down a lot by then. I was a little worried. But they are good right now.

I decided to just put them next door to the first hive. I don't know how they know which hive is who's. But they do. Bees are pretty awesome creatures.

I just love having bees here. But I have just been used to 1 hive. And that hive has been great. I have not had too many problems with them. I just hope these new girls settle down and like being here. I hope they stay.

I'll check the hive in a week to see if they are building comb and brood. Then go from there. I just hope the queen is in there. Pretty sure she is or they'd all be gone, right?

But yay, 2 hives at Outback Farm!!!


Abby said...

Really cool Mom, Dad, and Kidd!

Linda said...

Thats exciting have 2 hives and the bees were free! They should stay since the queen is there and also sugar water. They should have comb drawn out pretty quick. Good luck.


Kris said...

The bees are doing great so far!