Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I love to knit. I didn't like knitting at all though, when I first learned years ago. It was hard. So I quit. Crocheting was so much easier for me. Then a few years ago, I wanted to knit again. Because I have sheep and they produce wool. So I just thought I should be knitting. I only knew the knit and purl stitches, so I didn't make anything special.

Then last year, I took some knitting classes in Chattanooga. I was hooked! I loved it. I guess certain things happen in a person's life only when they are ready. Like so many things in my life, that was the right time for me to learn to knit. It just clicked for me then. And I cannot stop knitting! I love to knit.

I knit all over the place. When I take Mrs. T or my mom to a doctor or eye doctor. Or I go with my husband to the would care center. Or in a car dealership waiting on a car to be serviced. Or while at Mrs. T's the days I work. Or riding in a car while someone else drives. Even in restaurants. When I sit, I am knitting.

I had learned the yarn over stitch while in the knitting class. And several other stitches. But had to look them up on you tube to remember. But now, since I found this Etta pattern, and I've made 3 hats so far and a cowl, I can remember these stitches. Like SSK, K2TOG, YO. That's it right now. But I can actually read a pattern! I could not do that before at all. So I feel I have grown as a knitter.

This is the 1st hat I knit using this pattern. I messed up the first lace section. You really can't tell, but I know what I did and corrected it on the next 2 sections. I made this little cowel to go with it.

This is the 2nd hat I knit using the same pattern and did it right. It looks like the pattern picture more than the first hat.

And this is a child's hat I started Sunday at Mrs. T's house. Then Monday at the doctor's office with her. Then at the music school waiting on my grand daughter while she had her cello lesson Monday night. Then getting an oil change yesterday. I knit some more on it today back at Mrs. T's house. Then finished it tonight here at home. I love that my knitting is done in so many places. And people always want to know what I'm knitting. And I love talking to people.

So I just wanted to share my excitement for knitting. I am not the best knitter. Or a fast knitter. But I love knitting. And I hope everyone does what they love doing. It really makes a difference.

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