Thursday, April 21, 2016

In the garden today.

Working in the garden today. We're supposed to get rain tonight. I have a big bed in front of the bee hives, so I am planting all kinds of flowers and herbs for the bees. And of course lots of zinnias. I love them. Also planted a row or buckwheat with sunflowers thrown in. Then got a few rows of zucchini and squash too. I am done for the day. I'm worn out doing all that. I had to rake up all the grass that I tilled up too. Then those teeny tiny seeds. Good grief, some of them were so small I couldn't tell if I had any in my fingers. I hope they all come up. I will post pictures when they do.

I made some feta cheese in between planting and tilling too. It should be ready in a few days.

Now I am taking a few minutes break before I try to make some pottery. I want to make some mugs today. I'm home all day with so much to do! I love being at home.

Tuesday nights are sewing class. We're making a wrap skirt. It has a lot of things that will help us, like making the fabric straight, basting to make gathers, and lots of ironing! We're supposed to do the basting stitches and gather the waist for home work. Haven't gotten to it yet. But did do some sewing last night. The table clothes that I tie dyed last summer with the grand kids needed hemming so I did that. It was fun but took a long time since they are so long. But I had fun. Then ironed them. Tomorrow the St. Elmo market opens so I wanted them to look nice. I can hardly wait! I have all my soap packed and ready so all I need to do is load up the Trooper and pick kale and some other things.

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