Thursday, April 7, 2016

I got sucked in.

Went to the feed store yesterday to get chicken feed. I had seen the chicks for weeks now, all fluffy and cute, but did not want to get any. That was like the farthest thing from my mind. Really. I don't need anything else to have to feed and take care of!

But yesterday, they had these. Cuckoo Marans. Yeah. I have ALWAYS wanted these chickens. Like always. I love their eggs. They are just beautiful.

So on the way home, I stopped and got 6 of them. And a bag of these chips because they didn't have any more of those amazing new pellets. And a bag of organic chick starter-grower. About $70 right there. I have not had chicks in years just because they are SO expensive to raise and no eggs for at least 6 months. I'd much rather spend that money and buy some already laying. Makes more sense to me.

                                    But just look at these sweet little cuties. I could not resist them.

They are in the dining room for now, til we get through this crazy April "winter". Then they might come over here to my studio til I can put them out in the coop. I might even go back and get some Buff chicks too. Maybe.

So here are the newest babies at Outback Farm. I love them.

And I did get into the St. Elmo Farmers Market!!! I am so happy! It's on Fridays from 4-7 in St. Elmo, right at the foot of Lookout Mt. at the Incline Railway. So exciting! They get all the mountain traffic and tourists too. And they have a street market the last Friday of the month that goes down behind St. Elmo Ave. So fun! And a Christmas street market in December. I am so excited. Now to get planting! And planning. And making more soap. And yarn. And dryer balls. But I think I want to call them sheep balls. Just because.


Linda said...

Your chicks are super cute.
I ended up getting 18 meat chicks last week. I hope I am not sorry but wanted to raise some of my own this year. I did not get any regular chicks this year but I was tempted. I have 3 roosters and 27 hens that range from 13 yrs old to 10 months old. Too many chickens but I love them all.
I love Cuckoo Marans they are so pretty. I use to have a few but they all passed from old age. I have one copper Maran and she is a really pretty hen and lays a nice dark egg.

Congrats on the farmers market. So glad you were able to get in. Sounds like a really good location.


Kris said...

Hi Linda. I was looking at pictures of Cuckoo Marans and they look like Barred Rocks when they get older. Don't know why but I thought they'd be all black. But that's ok. I like spots. And I'll be able to tell them apart from my black hens.

I have thought about meat birds but I talked myself out of it. These are enough for right now. Have fun with yours!