Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mining bees

 This is just a little post about these pretty awesome little ground bees. I don't have them here in my yard. But Mrs. T does. And she has some new people that mow her yard now. And they have a few teenage boys that are afraid of bees. But these bees are not aggressive at all. I stood right in the middle of them for a long time, taking pictures of them, and they never bothered me at all. I did some research on them because the new yard people wanted to spray them. I said NO! And I found several really good articles about these bees. Here is one of them that's got good information about them.

Just in case others are wondering what they are. They are NOT yellow jackets! These are good bees, who mind their own business. They are simply too busy!

So I hope this will help someone else who's got them all over their yard right now. They will not be around for too much longer.


Abby said...

Thanks for sharing. I have them all over our yard too. We have left them alone so far.

Kris said...

Good. They are not bad bees at all and will be gone soon. I don't have any here. They must like it in your neighborhood!

Place Under The Pine said...

We've had bees like that for a couple of years now. They burrow into the ground in our front yard, right next to a big utility pole. The ground seems to be sandy there. They have never been aggressive or bothered us, and we walk over their hole all the time (it is right beside the sidewalk and near our parking spot).
We are up in Canada, so, I don't know if they are the exact same bees. I'm guessing not. But, save the bees everywhere!

Kris said...

Yes, let us all do what we can where we live. It sounds sort of like the same kind of bee. There are many different types of mining bees. Good for you for not bothering them and letting them bee!