Thursday, April 21, 2016

More pottery.

I hope y'all don't get sick of seeing my pottery. But I just love doing this! These are some things I made today.

I am really loving this pot. It was fun to make.

Then some more bowls and mugs. I need to make the handles real quick, before they're too dry. And I went ahead and made scalloped edges on the 2 bowls.

A few more mugs. That's what I started out to make today, but ended up with bowls too. I never really know what a piece of clay will turn out to be.

Now back out to trim. I'm leaving them all outside so they'll dry fast. Might not be a good idea.


Abby said...

Very cool. Will you be selling these are your farmers markets soon?

Kris said...

Yes, I hope to sell some. A friend asked me yesterday for a gift for a friend, so I'll bring some for her to look at tomorrow. I am making a lot of things. I went last night to pick up the rest I had made at the clay studio and they weren't fired yet. Can't wait to see them. I did much lighter prettier colors on all those.