Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chicks outside

 I finally put these 6 chicks outside in a crate in the coop with the big  chickens. They haven't gotten out yet through the bars. They tried a few times but didn't make it. I just hope they don't get scared and get stuck. They are growing so fast though. They should be fine. Then in a few weeks, I'll let them out f the crate. Maybe.

It was so cute, when I first put them in the crate. They've not seen dirt yet, or even been outside. So as soon as they felt the sun, they started laying down and fanning their feathers. Then started throwing dirt all over the place.

This is going to be a big ole flower garden I hope. I planted all kinds of seeds, like borage, calendula, cosmos, stock, celosia and some others. On the left are 10 little  places where I put those seeds. Then all down the left side is zinnias. I am watering them every day. No signs of anything yet.

I also planted a row of buckwheat with some sunflowers in that row too.

Sunday I took the grand kids to the mall for awhile. We saw this car with fries on the hood. We waited for some birds to get some. I got one in this shot. It was too funny. People walked by and just laughed.

These kids are growing so fast! Isla and Astrid are 7 weeks old already. Rika and Sorren are 5 weeks. I really need to sell them, but them I'll have to milk twice a day.  And I don't want to. It's nice having the kids, so if I don't want to milk, I don't have to. And they are so stinkin' cute!

Started mowing and got a flat tire on the little front tire. A pain to fix. And hubby's foot is a mess again. I wanted him to stay off his feet for awhile, but stuff keeps happening around here. It's been 9 months so far that we've been working on his foot. 9 months! Good grief, I am wondering if it will ever get better.

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