Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My new toy

 Last week, my brother got bored and was looking for something to do. So he got to looking up plans for pottery wheels. Found one in an old Mother Earth News site. Went and got all the lumber and bolts and screws and stuff. Came over Saturday and he and my husband went to work. It was COLD here Saturday too! They worked ALL day on this. It is solid too.! This baby ain't going anywhere.

So this is it. All the metal frame is gone and it's all wood now. That's the seat on the left that we came up with. I have to swing my left leg all the way around to get in. We have to come up with another seat.

But for now, it works! And I love it! It is slow enough so I can do a better job. With the electric wheel, I seem to go too fast. I do everything too fast really. So this will be good for me. I had to try it out right away. So I made a little bowl. I was a little worried I'd be covered in clay when I was finished, but surprisingly I only got a little tiny bit on my pants. The electric wheels have a tray that goes around the wheel to catch water and clay while spinning. This one does not. I didn't use very much water at all on this bowl. But I am usually covered in clay when I leave the studio.

The first piece of pottery made here at Outback Farm!!! I will start signing them Outback Farm now. I just love it and am so excited to have my very own wheel! No telling where this will lead. I hope to be able to sell pottery at the markets soon.

While I was at Mrs. T's Sunday, hubby put this rail up and called it my tea holder. He's so sweet. Plus I was afraid I'd fall off the porch. I need another on the front now.

My classes will be over this week. Tonight is the glazing class but I signed up for a 6 week sewing class which starts tonight. Like I need more to do. So they said I can go to the Thursday class and do my glazing then. I will become a member there so I can bring in all the things I make here to be fired and glazed there. I bought more clay yesterday, so I have a little time today to play with the wheel and clay. So fun!


Betty Ann said...

That is wonderful!! My sister is a potter and never liked the lack of control of an electric wheel. Kudos to Hubby and Brother. You are very blessed to have those two guys demonstrate their love and support for you like this.

Linda said...

Wow that is so cool!!! I can't believe they made you a potters wheel. I am so happy for you. Thats the coolest thing I have ever seen anyone make. Can't wait to see the beautiful pots you make with your new wheel.You can even make a cute honey pot for your honey.


Linda said...

I forgot to ask.....how do you make the wheel move? I was not sure how a non-electric one worked. Thanks.


Kris said...

Betty Ann, I too feel like I have better control with this wheel. I get going way too fast on the electric wheel and mess up that way. So I do better going slower.
And yes, I am fortunate to have these 2 wonderful men in my life. They are the best!

Kris said...

Thanks Linda. I didn't even think about a little honey pot. Good idea. I will make some soon.

This is a manual kick wheel. Like old school wheel! I have to kick it to get it to go around. And kick and kick and kick some more! Lots of kicking. With my right leg. I guess I need to start doing something with my left leg or it's going to be all wonky soon.

This can be made to be electric, but I think I'll keep it this way for awhile.