Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wasps and bees and bugs, oh my!

 Last week, I spilled a 5 gallon bucket of honey in the back of the Trooper. I got what I could all cleaned up. Or so I thought. Ever since, I have been taken over by every kind of bee and wasp around. They have covered the whole driveway, from the kitchen door all the way down the driveway. From the dripping honey. From the back of the car. Apparently, there is still about a gallon of honey, down in the hole under the carpet, where the tire tools are stored. That I haven't looked at yet. Because now, the bees and wasps are covering the whole back end of the car. I mean, literally covering it. From top to bottom and underneath. And inside.

So yesterday was market day. I could not even open the back door without hundreds of bees and wasps flying inside the car. It was really hard. Then, to top it all off, thousands of ladybugs too! And these are NOT the good lady bugs. Oh, and it's also Box Elder beetle time! Yippee! So I am being taken over by every kind of insect  right now.

I finally got the car loaded and headed down the road. With bees and wasps and lady bugs flying all around me. I rolled the windows down. Collard greens flying everywhere too! SO had to stop down the road, open the doors and starts swatting them to get out. I got some out.

Drove another few miles and did the same thing. Finally got to the market and I think there were 2 honey bees left. And some lady bugs. And when I got home, it was dark, so quickly unloaded everything and drove the car to the road and parked it there. I am going to have to take it to a detail car wash and get them to clean out the back, so this madness can stop finally. I love the honey bees and will gladly feed them. But the others, I can live without. I have to say though, that I have stood right in the middle of them all, and never once got stung. They were all too busy!

I cannot get enough of this maple tree! It's amazing. It's never been this beautiful. So I am constantly taking pictures of it.

Now, here is a GOOD insect. I love Praying Mantis'. I want them here. And she's a beauty. I got close and she followed my every move. She was a great model. Let me take lots of pictures.

I love this shot. Looking out at the garden, where I'd love her to live. And raise a huge family. And be happy. She's heading that way!

On the way to the market, I stopped at the new meat market, beside the bread store where I get day old bread for the critters. I walked in and introduced myself. Told them I have lamb. They are going to come out and look at the sheep! They buy from local farms and I would LOVE to be a source for them. In the future. Right now, I have 2 lambs sold for meat. I might sell them the last one, just to get my name up on the board. And on the cuts of meat. How exciting that would be! Way better than my name in lights on a marquee. It would get my name out there to the community. What a great opportunity for me! So I am just a bit excited about this!

Just wanted to thank each of you who have commented on the last post. It really means a lot to me to know what you think. Really.

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Betty Ann said...

Kris, you are the most positive person!! After your insect fiasco most people would be cup half empty and leaking fast, but no....not Kris....Kris finds a gorgeous maple tree and a wonderful praying mantis and shares that all with us!! Talk about cup runneth over!! God Bless you.