Thursday, October 24, 2013

Like bees on honey

I had a 5 gallon bucket of honey in my car since Monday afternoon. I was going to take it to my friend's this morning for them to help me pour it into gallon jugs.

But as I was walking past the Trooper, I noticed dark stuff on the driveway at the back of the car. So I opened the back door and saw that the bucket had fallen over. Honey all over the back of the car. I di have a hard rubber mat that covers the carpet, but it had still gotten under onto the carpet too.

I grabbed some buckets so it would drip in them and not on the driveway and make a sticky mess. I had left it out last night. When I went to get those buckets, I noticed some bumblebees and honey bees were in the honey. Dead. I was so sad to see that. But there were honey bees here!

I don't know if you can see this little one, but it's sucking up the honey. There were some more bees stuck in another bucket that just had a few spoonfuls in the bottom. I took it over to the water hose and washed them off. I think they'll make it.

In the 2nd photo, there are several honey bees. And a yellow jacket, I think. I am SO happy to see the honey bees! I had thought some might come and help clean up the honey for me. The people I took a bee keeping class from this spring, said when they rob their hives, they leave all the equipment outside and within hours, the bees have gotten all the excess honey cleaned up. I love bees. They are so  smart.

Here's another little honey bee. All that dark is honey on the driveway. They should be busy!

I am also leaving the back doors open for the bees to get all the honey they want. I am so glad they are still around. I missed my bees.

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Betty Ann said...

We miss our bees so much also. Happy that there are still some in your area. Kristin always left her equipment outside for the bees to clean after extracting the honey.