Monday, October 28, 2013

He's back!

                                                               Let the party begin!

Can you see Sandy behind the fence? She's like "I do not want anything to do with that! Nope. Not me." And she won't either. She's just like that. She is always the last doe to kid. Because I usually have to pen her and the buck up in the stall til I know the deed's been done. She's not getting off that easy. Not this time. I'm on to her. Yes I am.

But John Henry, he hasn't even had a vacation yet. Straight from one pasture of does, right back here for more. He's young. He can do it. He hasn't let me down yet.

Bucks are gross.


Betty Ann said...

Ha! Kristin's buck Magnum is getting a total workout this week too!! It's his first season and after his "Dates" with the ladies he flops down and looks exhausted!

Kris said...

That's funny! These guys. If they smoked, they'd probably have a cigarette too! I haven't noticed much going on now. Hopefully soon though.